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Employee disciplinary meeting outcome letter

Use this document to create a letter to notify your employee of the outcome of a disciplinary meeting. The decision can be that no disciplinary action be taken, or that an oral warning be given, or that a written warning or a final written warning be given. If the decision of the disciplinary meeting was to dismiss the employee following repeated disciplinary action, then you should use the Rapidocs document 'Employee dismissal letter following previous disciplinary action' rather than this document. If the decision is to summarily dismiss the employee on account of their gross misconduct, you should use the Rapidocs document 'Employee dismissal letter for gross misconduct'.

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As part of this service, you can submit the document to us for legal review, once you’ve answered all the document questions. We will check your document, along with any information you have provided, making any drafting changes necessary to ensure you receive a document that suits your needs. Although the time we spend checking your document is limited, it is designed to fit most people’s needs. If you need extra assistance or advice, we can help you with this and can provide you with an estimate of any additional cost, should you wish.

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Employee disciplinary meeting outcome letter (View guidance notes)